Jeg vil hoppe paradis

Hide and seek/Each one is good
in his own house and garden

Respite room 

Temporary memorials

The Great indoors 


Kongsberg Jazz festival 2022

Nitja Kunstlounge


Breath im seeking you

Defence bunker for the 

T-shirt project w/
Kunstnernes Hus

Chaos and disorder but 
still ok 

Wounded landscape 


Hidden glass bead and
a lot og black holes

Fragments of a turbulent

Wounded kandscape #1 #2


Mari Eriksen (b. 1995)
Studio: Startblokka, Østre Aker vei 90, 0596 Oslo, Norway
Telefon: +47 46424354

The complex meeting of space, time and the things that surround us.The works address socio-political issues in an imaginary and non-literal way. I attempt to “frame” situations or conditions in and between people, and intend to contribute to a collective and individual experience of wonder and reflection; to confront reality with something fundamentally human

I want to form, shape, tell and convey with a set of materials, with an insisting attitude towards something being at stake. Fear, despair, hope and play is investigated whilst I search, gather, plunder, connect and present
There is a rather subjective hierarchy connected to the materials I

use, or stores and collects in my studio. A small piece of plastic, a  pipe, a grassstraw or a tired iron tool; everything (and everyone) is included as vital in my life as it is now, and can contribute to realizing ideas of what reality is. I stick to an impresise and imporivsed approach. The works with sculptural objects, location and possibly soundscape is an independent and relatively introvert process - but when the work then is established, I consciousky changes focus towards the collectiveness that might arise when the audience meets in and around the work

. In which way can one move around the space - together or alone - what does one experience individually and what do we experience



2019-21: MA fine art, Kunstakademiet, oslo national academy of art, no
2015-18: BA fine art, Cambridge school of art, uk

2026:     (upcoming)Vestfold Kunstsenter, Tønsberg
2025:     (upcoming)22 juli senteret, Oslo  
2024:     (upcoming)Kongsberg Jazzfestival (upcoming) - Kunstprosjekter ulike lokasjoner på                     festivalområdet      
2023:     Kongsberg Kunstforening- Jeg vil hoppe paradis

2022:     Buskerudmuseet - Portåsen. Floker / Mjøndalen
2022:     Kongsberg Jazzfestival - Kunstprosjekter ulike lokasjoner på festivalområdet
2021:     Galleri Seilduken - Respite room / Oslo
2020:     Galleri Seilduken - Breath Im seeking you / Oslo
2020:     Akademirommet, Kunstnernes Hus - Defence Bunker for the unpredictable / Oslo

2022:   Loftet, Kunstnernes Hus - Hide and seek / Each one is good in his own house and garden -               m/Kier Cooke Sandvik - FKDs Artists Duo Show / Oslo
2019:     Resepsjonsgalleriet, Khio - Landing - m/ Jinbin Chen / Oslo
2019:     Studio Baustelle - Fragments of a turbulent landscape - m/ jazzkomponist Leon Røsten / Berlin

2023:     SKOG artspace - Vinterutstillingen / Oslo
2023:      NITJA senter for samtidskunst - Kunstloungen / Lillestrøm
2022:     BO (Billedkunstnerne i Oslo) -  Mistakes were made - curated by Mathilde Carbel / Oslo
2022:      Drammen Museum - Novemberutstillingen. Lychepaviljongen / Drammen

2022:       Prosjektrom Helium - Multippel 22 / Fredrikstad
2021:       Drammen museum - Novemberutstillingen. Lychepaviljongen. Juried by Kari Anne                                    Helleberg Bahri, Per Hess, Yola Tsolis, Håvard S. Johansen og Susanne Kathlen Mader
                 / Drammen
2021:       Buskerud Kunstsenter - Stipendutstillingen / Drammen
2021:       Kunstnernes Hus - The Great Indoors, master degree show/residency.  Curated by Pedro                             Gomez  Egana / Oslo
2020:       Galleri Seilduken - Solastalgic. Curated by Lesia Vasylchenco / Oslo
2019:       P0, Khio - There and after, Oslo  
2019:       Kunsthall Oslo - christmas exhibition
2019:       Total Museum - Image, between history and human, five interpretations / Seoul, Sør Korea
2019:        Galleri Seilduken - Show off / Oslo
2019:        Here and now - various locations / Oslo
2019:       Galleri Golsa - Got it for cheap / Oslo
2018:        Uferhallen - Ufer Open / Berlin
2018:       Ruskin Gallery - The sustanability art prize / Cambridge
2018:        Cambridge School of Art - Introspectrum / Cambridge
2018:        Gallery 9 - In situ / Cambridge
2017:        The David Attenborough Building -  Geomancy / Cambridge
2016:        Ruskin Gallery - Prolusion / Cambridge

2024-25:    UKS - vara - nominationcomitee.
2024:       (upcoming) 22 jui senteret: art prosjekt mediated to school children
2024:       (upcoming) Oslo Open - Startblokka, Linderud
2023:       Kongsberg Kunstforening - Artist talk (upcoming)
2023:       NITJA senter for samtidskunst - works exhibited in Kunstloungen at NITJA/ Lillestrøm
2022/23:  Kunstnernes Hus - T-shirt project  - ten pieces for sale at Kunstnernes Hus / Oslo
2022-24: Kongsberg Jazz festival - residency position for newly  graduated artist - development of                             various sitespesific  art projects.
2022: - works for salt in connection to christmas calender. Exhibited in                                     their space in Vika terasse, Oslo
2022:       Oslo Open - FKDS studiofellowship at Kunstnernes Hus
2019:     Akademirommet - co running the exhibition space in the back of Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2019:       Curator - w/ Solveig Ylva Dagsdottir. The sun sets at 17.45 at Akademirommet, Kunstnernes                         Hus.
2019:       Artist assistant - two months  assistant for artist Sandra               Vaka Olsen, Berlin

2023 (-)     Kunstnernes Hus - Resepsjonsvakt/vert
2023         NBK Accosiation of norwegian visual artist - Vert under                  Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus



2022:     Viken Fylkeskommune - Utviklingsstipend kultur / Norge

2022:     Kulturrådet  - Prosjektstøtte  - m/FKDS atelierfelleskap / Norge 

2021:    Kulturrådet - Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere / Norge
2021:    FKDS  fondet for kunst og designstudenter ((Fund for Art and Design                                                       Students))Ateliéstipend, Kunstnernes Hus / Norge 


uks norwegian young artist society / nbk accosiation of norwegian visual artists / Bo billedkunstnere oslo  / bbk buskerud bildende kunstnere