photo: Olav Olsen

The complex meeting of space, time and the things that surround us. The works address socio- political issues in an imaginary and non-literal way. I attempt to "frame" situations or conditions in and between people, and intend to contribute to a colllective and individual experience of wonder and reflection; to confront reality with something fundamentally human. I want to form, shape, tell and convey with a set of materials, with an insisting attitude towards something being at stake. Fear, despair, hope and play is investigated whilst I search, gather, plunder, connect and present.

There is a rather subjective hierarchy connected to the materials I use, or stores and collects in my studio. A small piece of plastic, a  pipe, a grassstraw or a tired iron tool; everything (and everyone) is included as vital in my life as it is now, and can contribute to realizing ideas of what reality is. I stick to an impresise and imporivsed approach. The works with sculptural objects, location and possibly soundscape is an independent and relatively introvert process - but when the work then is established, I consciousky changes focus towards the collectiveness that might arise when the audience meets in and around the work. In which way can one move around the space - together or alone - what does one experience individually and what do we experience together?

2019-21: MA fine art, kunstakademiet, oslo national academy of art, no
2015-18: BA fine art, cambridge school of art, uk

2024  (upcoming) Kunstprosjekter, Kongsberg Jazz festival
2023: (upcoming) solo show, Kongsberg Kunstforening 

2022: Kunstprosjekter, Kongsberg Jazz festival
2022: Floker. Solo show, Portåsen, Buskerudmuseet
2021: respite room. Galleri Seilduken, Oslo
2020: breath im seeking you. Galleri Seilduken, Oslo
2020: defence bunker for the unpredictable. Akademirommet,                     Kunstnernes hus, Osl
2022: Hide and seek/Each one is good in his own house and garden. Mari               Eriksen and Kier Cooke Sandvik, Loftet, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2019: Landing. Mari Eriksen and Jinbin Chen, Resepsjonsgalleriet, Khio,             Oslo
2019: Fragments of a turbulent landscape. Mari Eriksen and musician Leon             Røsten.Studio Baustelle, Berlin

Mistakes were made. Boa, Oslo.
2022: Novemberutstillingen. Lychepaviljongen, Drammen Museum
2022: Multippel 22. Prosjektrom Helium, Fredrikstad
2021: Novemberutstillingen. Lychepaviljongen, Drammen museum
2021: Stipendutstillingen. Buskerud Kunstsenter, Drammen
2021: The Great Indoors, master avgangsutstilling,                                   Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo 
2020: Solastalgic. Galleri Seilduken,           Oslo 
2019: There and after. P0, Khio, Oslo  
2019: Image, between history and human, five interpretations. Total                 Museum, Seoul 
2019: Show off, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo 
2019: Here and now. Various locations, Oslo
2019: Got it for cheap. Galleri Golsa, Oslo 
2018: Ufer Open. Uferhallen, Berlin
2018: The sustanability art prize. Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge 
2018: Introspectrum. Cambridge School of Art, Cambridge 
2018: In situ. Gallery 9, Cambridge 
2017: Geomancy. The David Attenborough Building, Cambridge 
2016: Prolusion. Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge 

2023:   Works exhibited in “Kunstlounge” at NITJA senter for samtidskunst, Lillestrøm. 
2022:   Part of Atelie christmas calender.
2022-23:Hospitantstilling for Kongsberg Jazz festival
2022:   Oslo Open, wtih Fkds studio fellowship, Kunstnernes Hus
2019:   2 mnd assistant for artist Sandra Vaka Olsen, Berlin

uks norwegian young artist society / nbk accosiation of norwegian visual artists / Boa billedkunstnere oslo og akershus / bbk buskerud bildende kunstnere

2022: Utviklingsstipend, Viken Fylkeskommune
2021: Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere, Kulturrådet
2021: FKDS Ateliéstipend, Kunstnernes Hus